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smellslikeinsanity ha dicho: Hey, thanks for following me back :D You're really pretty *-*

Thanks to you for following me! and ooh thank you (:

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zesbianwonderland ha dicho: Im always free lol whenever you're free c:

I’m always free too hahah

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zesbianwonderland ha dicho: Hey! Teach me Spanish? :c I've always loved the language c:

Of course, whenever you want :3

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zesbianwonderland ha dicho: Well, in Naruto I've always liked Gaara and Sasori, Rock Lee Naruto Shippuden Itachii :3 I've always wanted to marry sasori or Gaara they're awesome xD!

hahhaha yes they are! (:

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Anónimo ha dicho: do you have skype or any program that you can use voice call with ?

Yes, I have skype but if it’s a voice call, I am so bad speaking english so I would end speaking spanish and typing in english xD

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kuhlschranks ha dicho: Hello, friend! Here's to us having a wonderful day. (:

Yeeep! Hello girl (:

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